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Cookers on Finance

Buying a cooker can be very expensive especially if you're buying it outright. These days many people look to buy a cooker on finance and spread the cost by paying for it in weekly or monthly installments.

Many online stores also offer a buy now pay later option with no deposit where you can buy the cooker immediately and pay nothing for several months, ideal if you've just moved home.

As with all forms of finance there is usually a credit check so for those with a bad credit rating you may have to apply through a store which is slightly more lenient, however this usually means higher interest rates.

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Cooker Buying Guide

If you are buying a new cooker for your kitchen, you have to consider different models, sizes, and range options. Gas or electric is just one of the questions to consider when choosing a new cooker. These are some tips to help you in the decision making process.

Gas or electric

This is the first obvious question to ask. If you have a choice, gas offers more even cooking, faster cook times, and more control in terms of temperature. Electric offers even conduction heating, the ability to set different temperatures on different cookers at once, and more control in terms of temperature settings. Depending on the connections you have in your kitchen, this is rarely an option homeowners have when buying new cookers.

Double ovens

Do you want to cook and grill at the same time? If so, this is something to look for. With a standard sized fan and multifunctional conventional oven design, you have more range when it comes to cooking with the double oven. If size and budget permit, this is a nice feature to look for.

Flame supervision device

This is typically for your gas cookers, but you want to look for something with built in safety mechanisms to keep your home and kitchen safe. The systems detects when a flame is extinguished so it will cut off gas supplies. Not only does this prevent burning, it prevents a catastrophe in the kitchen as well. With electric cookers, look for safety switches and auto shut off switches, which will serve a similar purpose as the supervision device.


New energy efficient models are the thing. An "A" rating is the most efficient, while "G" rating is the least efficient, with other ratings falling in between both ranges. Depending on how often you cook, look for more efficient models to save on monthly expenses, and also to use less energy when preparing dishes.


If you have to install it yourself, look for something that simply slides in for simple installation. You can also include this as a part of your order. The company you purchase from will disconnect the old appliance, cut of the lines (gas or electric) and install the new ones. Weigh this cost, with the work required to install it yourself, to decide what is best for you.

These are some important factors to consider, which will help you choose the right cookers for use in your home.

Washing Machines on Finance

A washing machine is one of the most vital appliances in your home, so when it breaks it's extrememly important to have it replaced immediately.

Unfortunately, a new one doesn't come cheap, however there are now plenty of payment plans where you can buy a washing machine on finance and spread the cost over a year or two.

There are a growing number of online stores that allow you to apply online for a credit plan with an almost instant decision, thus enabling you to find out right away if you've been accepted.

There are normally a couple of credit plans to choose from; buy now pay later or spread the cost.

By spreading the cost you usually pay off the item on a monthly or weekly basis using a direct debit, whilst the pay later finance deal usually means you pay nothing for 6-12 months although this period can vary alot depending on the retailer.

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Washing Machine Buying Guide

When purchasing a new washing machine for your home, it is not simply about choosing a brand and finding the lowest price. Instead, you must consider other factors, from size, wash loads, price, brand, and efficiency. Consider these factors before you buy.


If you need to wash larger loads, can the machine handle it? You have to know the barrel size, you have to consider the amount of clothing you will wash at each time, and you have to consider the wash load frequency. Not only will this help you choose the right machine, it will also allow you to find machines which can handle heavier loads at a time.

Front or top?

Do you want a front load or top load machine. With front load, you can typically see through the front to see cycle speeds; however, top load are generally a bit larger, and have more load cycle options. Depending on the clothing you wash, and space you plan on putting it in, different machines work better for different households.

Load options

Do you have soiled or sweaty gym clothing? Or, do you need to wash whites in cold water? Different machines have various wash cycle options. Further, you can choose the wash time as well as the level of soil, so you can properly wash your clothing. IF you wash different types of clothing, and need something with more options, keep this in mind when choosing the washing machines for your home.


Energy star rating of A is the best and most efficient out there; a G rating however is not efficient at all. If you want to save on the wash cycle, save on washing times, and reduce the operational costs, then energy efficiency rating is something to keep in mind when you are purchasing a new machine as well. Today you can find extremely efficient and powerful models, for a reasonable price, as there are so many companies focusing their shift to efficiency today.

Auto detergent, bleach settings, gentle cycle, weight, and cubic feet inside the machine, should all be considered as well when you are buying new washing machines for use in the home. Not every homeowner wants the same thing. Depending on budget, space, and the amount of clothing which you wash, these factors will help you in the decision making process, and help you choose the right machine when you are ready to purchase one.

Fridges & Freezers on Finance

Buying a new fridge or freezer on finance is now possible thanks to numerous catalogues and stores which offer pay later, pay monthly and pay weekly spread the cost options.

By paying monthly or weekly you can turn an expensive purchase into a much more affordable one. If you've just moved house you might want to consider buy now and pay later credit plans with some retailers offering 0% interest for a set period, usually around 6-12 months.

As these are finance deals you will be credit checked so if you know you're credit score isn't great you may want to go through a bad credit catalogue to improve your chances of getting approved. Take note though, higher interest rates are likely with this option and you are unlikely to find one with any interest free credit period.

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Fridges & Freezers Buying Guide

Seems simple enough right? Buying a new fridge or freezer shouldn't be that tough. But, with so many sizes, features, interior layouts and storage options, it isn't as easy as it used to be. These are some points to consider so you eventually make the right choice when you buy.

1. Type

Freestanding are the most popular options. They provide flexibility, storage, and a designated freezer and fridge area. Slimline freezers and fridges are great for tight spaces. A studio or smaller apartment with one or two individuals may get by with this option. Top mounted typically have a small freezer and much larger fridge area. If you store few frozen items, consider this option. Integrated. For tight spaces, these sit behind cabinets and integrate to fit the tight space. Keep in mind what you freeze, refrigerate, how many people in the home, and of course budget, to select the right type.

2. The size

This is pretty self explanatory. You can go with 70:30 fridge to freezer ratio, 50:50, or other dimensions as available for your space. In addition to interior fridge and freezer storage, keep your kitchen space in mind as well. In some homes, a compact fridge is all that fits; consider your kitchen size and interior storage needs, to make the right decision.

3. Features

Interior storage drawers, crisper, ice cube maker, water dispenser. All of these features mean a higher price tag when buying a new fridge and freezer. Consider the most essential, those you can't do without, and keep them in mind when trying to find the most affordable option to purchase.

4. Capacity

You will find that two similarly sized models from different brands are extremely different on the inside and offer varying amount of storage. Some offenders which claim to offer space, will offer up to 30% less space than a fridge and freezer model of the same exact size. Know what you need, how much food you buy, and how may cubic inches are available for interior storage, so that you can make the right decision when the time comes for you to purchase.

Exterior design features like all stainless steel, dispensers, water dispenser, ice dispenser, and different color options should also be taken into consideration. All of these factors, along with the price you can afford to pay for your new fridges and freezers, will help you in the decision making process when buying these appliances for your home.

Tumble Dryers on Finance

Whilst not essential, tumble dryers have become extremely popular due to the huge convenience they provide, and with increasing efficiencies they're not so expensive to run anymore.

With the ever increasing demand, many retailers now offer tumble dryers on finance with a buy now pay later credit plan. This normally includes no deposit and an interest free credit period, although this will depend on the retailer and your credit rating.

In most cases you can also choose to spread the cost of the tumble dryer by paying a small amount each week or month. This is very handy if you find it difficult to save up as you can simply set up a direct debit.

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Tumble Dryer Buying Guide

If you are living in a busy household or if there is no garden in your house, then you cannot always hang your washing out to dry. A tumble dryer speeds up the laundry process and will leave fabrics soft and fluffy, and today’s tumble dryers are much more efficient. When you want to choose a tumble dryer that is best for you, there are several features and technologies to consider.

Capacity Vented

A vented tumble dryer dispels the damp air, produced during drying, outside the home by using a hose. You can either fit a permanent vent in the outside wall or you can simply hang a hose out of a window. These machines are cheaper and they also use less energy, but you should have an outside wall or window nearby, which may not be possible always.

Condenser Dryer

A condenser dryer separates water into a container and this should be emptied after drying or pumped out through the washing machine plumbing. The machine should be installed in a well-ventilated room.

Heat - Pump Dryer

This type of dryer uses heat - pump technology and most energy-efficient dryer. The lower drying temperature used in this model, helps use less electricity and saves money. It is also gentle on clothes and runs quietly.

Energy Rating

Heat - pump dryers are the most economical, but today even condenser tumble dryers have become increasingly economical.

Sensor Drying

A sensor dryer stops the cycle when the clothes are dry. This technology helps save energy and money. In some models, the cool - air setting may be used to fresh - up fabrics, which have been stored for some time.

Temperature Settings And Functions

Choose a tumble dryer that best suits your needs and also saves energy.

Dishwashers on Finance

As with tumble dryers, a dishwasher isn't an essential home appliance but certainly makes things easier. Buying a dishwasher on finance is quickly becoming a very popular option with numerous stores and catalogues now offering the credit option.

You can normally choose to pay off the dishwasher in monthly or weekly installments too or pay nothing at all for several months by using a buy now pay later finance deal. A deposit isn't usually required and some retailers will offer an interest free period depending upon your credit history and the price of the item.

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Dishwasher Buying Guide

If you are ready to buy a new dishwasher for your home, you need to choose the right one. With so many brands, sizes, and designs, which dishwashers are the right ones for you to consider? These factors will help you in the decision making process.

The price

A low end model will simply have the basics but will cost less. If you want one with various cleaning features, power, and modes, you will pay more. Further, the brand, design, and features like stainless steel, will all increase the price. Select your price budget, consider what you need, and then you can begin the process of choosing the best new dishwashers to install in your home.


Quick clean mode, short wash, power/heavy duty, light wash, are all modes you can choose from on the best machines. Some machines offer a quick rinse feature, others provide you with the ability to use liquid, powder, or pods for the soap. Newer models have a slimmer design, and deeper model, so you can place more items in at once. Depending on the load frequency, size, and the different foods you will need to clean up, different cleaning features should be considered when deciding on the new machine.


Built in dishwashers fit right under a counter. Portable models allow you to move them around. Do you want one with individual drawers? Or is a compact model, for quick efficient washes what you need? Depending on the size of the space available, the finish you want, and the size you need, there are different design models to compare when choosing a new dishwasher as well.

Efficiency and noise level

Most newer models are energy efficient today. If you want something that uses less water, less energy, and requires less soap, you will pay more. Further, newer models have quiet features built in, so you don't even hear the machine when it is running. If you want to save with each use of your dishwasher, newer, efficient models are a good choice to consider.

Filters, cycle modes and frequency, sensors for auto off and on, and built in safety features, are also some things to keep in mind when you are trying to find the right model. All of these factors should come into play,when you are trying to find the right machine, and want to find the perfect new dishwashers to install for use in your home.